About us

Hitonas ~ Ancient Greek Aesthet ~

Hitonas.com was originally created to enhance the rebranding of 2 greek manufacturers of clothes, sandals and bags. With over than 35 years of experience in clothes production and handcrafted sandals and bags, there is no doubt that a unique creation of the especially selected collections of hitonas.com is here for you!

Hitonas | Χιτώνας | [ˈkaɪ tə næz]
Hitonas is a word that comes from the greek word “chiton”, which in Ancient Greece was originally a man's wool garment, where, depending on the way he wore it, everyone showed his social status.

At hitonas.com you will find clothes exclusively made in Greece with textiles of cotton, linen, micromodal, etc. Your look can be completed by choosing a bag and a pair of sandals made of real leather from our artisanship in Crete.

Your love for ancient Greece can now be expressed through your everyday look with hitonas.com !