Iolcus · Summer Midi Dress · Embroidery Details



  • One Size
  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Micromodal
  • Midi Dress
  • Embroidery Dress
  • Classic Style


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Iolcus is a summer midi dress with embroidery details from 60% cotton and 40% micromodal. In simple line with asymmetric finish, it comes in 4 colours: white, beige, turquoise and black. Wear it either for a morning shopping trip or an afternoon coffee with friends. The embroidery details at the front and the back of your dress will catch the eye of your friends and steal the impressions. Match your favourite colour Iolcus midi dress with a pair of Ancient Greek style sandals from our Sandals collection and/or a handmade leather bag from our Bags collection.

All our clothes produced for are with respect to the skin’s need to breath and to the environment. For that reason, our suppliers are mainly Greek farmers producing cotton in organic ways.

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